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Control Key Lock and Safe is Licensed, Bonded, Insured and Experienced serving the Branson Tri-Lakes area.

If you can’t remember the combination to your safe or need your safe combination changed. I can help!

What if your safe won’t open or is temperamental. I can help!

If you want upgrade from a mechanical safe lock to a electronic keypad style lock. I can help!

Quality mechanical safe locks offer reliability, however they take more time to access. Mechanical safe locks require a trained professional to change the combo. Most problems I run into regarding mechanical safe locks are from improper installation and user abuse.

Electronic safe locks come in many varieties and offer many options, like multiple user codes, ease of access and the ability for the end user to change combos. Cheap batteries can and will create problems, don’t be cheap buy quality batteries. Most problems I run into regarding electronic safe locks are from sub par locks, cheap batteries and user abuse.

Safes need routine servicing to remain in good working order. Preventive maintenance can and will prevent most problems. However problems can arise and when they do we offer professional safe opening and repair service. I am a member of SAVTA and NSO, I have over 12 years experience and I continuously hone my safe cracking skills and keep up to date on procedures and equipment.

Not all Locksmiths are Safe Techs, I am a Safe Tech and a Locksmith serving Branson and the surrounding area.

Experience, Equipment and Resources make the difference. I strive for perfection!

I provide safe opening and repair service in Branson, MO and the surrounding area. I offer Safe Sales and Installation.

If you are in need of a Safe Tech – Control Key Lock and Safe has you covered.

More to come……….



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